Visualizations are a key component when it comes to manifesting your hearts desires. Whatever they may be. Your health, spiritual journey, career, abundance etc… While going through cancer I would always visualize myself healthy, strong and vibrant. I began to do my visualizations harmoniously with my positive thought process to manifest what I desired in my life. Which was to heal. I would visualize myself riding my motorcyle down an open road, playing baseball, spending time with my loved ones, walking in nature with a huge smile on my face alive and free. I would do these visualizations numerous times each day. They began to feel very real to me. I could feel the synchronicity between my thoughts, visualizations and moments that I was creating as if they were already happening. It was very powerful and monumental in my healing process.

Visualize your success. See yourself doing well and always believe in a positive outcome.


Love Joy Truth Harmony

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