Speakers, Practitioners & Exhibitors (Oct 2015)

Guest Speakers

 Ryan (6 Pack) Lapadat

Ryan Lapadat was a normal man. 6 Pack Lapadat is a real life superhero. His greatest feat Ryan (6 Pack) Lapadatto date is making people believe in miracles.

Like most young boys, Ryan dreamed of helping others with superhuman strength. Like most men, those dreams faded as he grew older and built himself a regular life.

At 28 years old, tragedy struck his family, leaving him feeling the most helpless he ever had. The dream of being a superhero came back to life and quickly became a reality. Ryan started lifting weights regularly at the age of 13 but as fate would have it, when tragedy struck close to home, a peer from his gym won the Canadian Power Lifting Championships and the pieces fell into place.

Ryan asked the National Champion peer, Alex Drolc, for help in building his strength up to such a caliber. Because of his love for weightlifting and hunger for superhuman strength, Ryan landed himself a spot in the Canadian Championships so quickly that no one knew who he was.

He drew comic like muscles on his black singlet with chalk and when people started talking about the outcome … “who won the championships?” ” The 6-Pack guy, you know with the 6-Pack drawn on his singlet.” The name stuck and the story began.

Television resume

  • Canada’s Got Talent – Season 1 contestant, quarter finalist Get Stuffed – Season 1 full time cast member
  • Lo Show die record – 2014 appearance breaking Guinness World Record
  • America’s Got Talent – Season 10



 Richard Leach, Founder Of BioEnergy Therapy and Author Of KarmicDNA

Richard Leach is a metaphysician and founder of BioEnergy Therapy and author of RichardLeach-480x640KarmicDNA. Richard helps people uncover and resolve the reason why struggle and illness has visited their life. He has been helping people discover their hidden Spiritual Purpose and gifts to release chronic conditions that result from inaction, and to find optimal health and success in their lives for almost two decades. Richard maintains his practice of BioEnergy Therapy in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Lecture Topic: The Spiritual Origin Of Dis-ease. All life energies that conspire to create a life experience of purpose and reason for each of us. If life has purpose then disorder itself must have purpose and reason; it has a spiritual sanction or right to be present as a communication or spiritual directive! Finding the reason for disorder and acting on it empowers any physical intervention to success. Discover the reason and criteria for spontaneous remission of any pain or disorder. And begin seeing your own life process so differently with purpose and reason that you will discover the unique keys to empower your own path to health and success.



Holistic Practitioners/Exhibitors Speakers

 The Good News Only, Tanya MacIntyre

The good news only was founded by Tanya MacIntyre in 2010 to promote Good stories The Good News Onlyabout Good people. After 20+ years as a broadcast journalist in mainstream media, Tanya felt that her job had become nothing more than a talking head that perpetuates fear and doubt. She made a bold decision to pursue her passion for *positive* media, and encourages everyone she meets to “take the diet that works: a media fast. Don’t watch, read or listen to news and see how much your life improves!”


 Prism Healing, Duane Eagle Song

Duane will be offering a group meditation and healing at 12:00 pm. He will also be giving a 17790_983975401613430_4280610089069730071_n very inspiring and informative Transformational Talk. You won’t want to miss it!


 Subtle Energies, Annette Parker

“Do you feel that there is no time to get everything done? You just couldn’t add one more 8 Head Shots13thing to your busy schedule, even if someone told you it could make a difference in your life?

That is what happened to me! A friend invited me to a group event with some interesting people and alluring technology. I went and my life changed! Now, this may not happen to you, but, it could.”

Annette Parker from Subtle Energies

Annette is an Integrative Transformational Coach and Holistic Practitioner. Her passion and drive is about assisting people and moving through the changes and challenges that life provides. For many years, she felt that others had it all and she would never achieve their aspirations. Her experiences in life and business have shown her that this is not truth! She believes everyone is capable of becoming who they are genuinely meant to be. She is certified with the Natural Therapies Board as a Certified Sound Therapy Coach, being the only practitioner of the IQube technology in the region. When introduced to the IQube technology and using her personal tones daily, her life and journey rapidly changed. This shines through in the work she does with her clients. No matter what your situation, Annette is able to identify with your journey with a no nonsense approach.

Annette is also a certified Reflexologist registered with the RRCO. She is proficient in many forms of energy techniques including but not limited to, Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy.

At her booth in October, she invites you to come and experience the coherent energy field, generated by the IQube technologies, created by Robert Lloyd of Quantum Sound Therapy.  She continues to share what Bill and Ann of Clearly Conscious have been sharing with thousands across Canada. She will be offering you the opportunity to purchase your own personal sound frequencies and Hexagonal Scalerwave Structured Water. These products have been designed to support you in standing in your strength, releasing the blocks that are stopping you from moving forward in your life,and assist you, to be the real you, without having to learn or do anything , just push play and listen.

Annette will also be a guest speaker, sharing her journey and her knowledge. For more information on Annette or the IQube technology, feel free to visit her website or Facebook Page.



 Russell Scott, Author Of Awakening The Guru In You

Russell Scott is one of the new generation of “No-dogma spiritual teachers” and the author Russell Touched Up 1 of the critically acclaimed book; “Awakening the Guru in You”. For over 30 years he has helped thousands of individuals in his retreats and mentorship programs experience and live from the spaciousness and deep fulfillment of their true nature and purpose in life. He is a former retreat centre owner, radio show host and singer-song writer. He gets great joy seeing people on his retreats fall off their chairs in laughter when they realize who they really are.

Workshop topic:
The Fulfillment Factor
Many people spend a lifetime trying to find the things that will make them happier: from more money, success and possessions to better health, sex and relationships but they still feel their happiness is lacking.

Attend this talk with international retreat leader Russell Scott, and author of “Awakening the Guru in You” and explore how awakening to the magnificence of your True Self  will open you to a life of deeper meaning, aliveness, connection to others and creative possibility. Together we will explore:

Why the pursuit of happiness will eventually make you unhappy
The real source of inner peace
What “awakening” is and is not. (this understanding will save you years of searching down a dead-end spiritual path)
The one “thing” that can change everything in your life (but doesn’t change itself)


 Karen Spiritual Medium, Karen Barclay

Hello I am Karen, and I have a passion for connecting people to the afterlife, During a IMGreading with me loved ones connect for many reasons,sometimes blocked emotions, to clear up things that have been  left unsaid, sometimes just for fun, but always to let you know that although physically they are no longer walking with us, they are engeretically still very much involved in our life, Being a teacher of development classes my guides and I have a passion for helping you to unlock your own inner potential . As the world of science, and spirituality meet , and so many of us are searching to find our true self, I am honour to be able to assist you in your own personal growth.


Blossoming Heart Divine Arts, Heather Embree

Heather Embree, of Blossoming Heart Divine Arts, is a soul coach, medium, workshop  2704_flowHEATHER_082 (427x640)facilitator and wisdom reader in Guelph, ON who focuses on supporting women who are recovering from heartbreak.  She is also a children’s author, poet and editor.



Holistic Practitioners/Exhibitors

BioEnergy Therapy, Rose Saroyan

BioEnergy TherapyKarmicDNA is the Powerful Knowledge of Self, your Life Purpose, and Pure Potential to find your Path of Ease to bring Health, Better Relationships, and Success into your Life. It will clarify the unfavourable experiences in your life. Connect with me via karmicdna@msn.com for a brief complimentary assessment of your KarmicDNA and find out how this information/ knowledge can be beneficial to you.



bottles on wood display

Hope Stream Glass Bottles create Healthy Communities. They are the cleanest drinking bottles on the health food store shelves – (according to a total dissolved solids test). They are more durable than most glass to come with a cover that protects and insulates. 50% of the profits go towards subsidizing the poverty of mental health issues to obtain the alternative health care and counselling. Services presently not averrable to them. Drinking  from healthy bottles and contributing to community health = Healthy Communities.


The Willow Tree, Krista Riddersma

Krista is an HK™ BioEnergetic Practitioner trained in Health Kinesiology.  She uses KristaHeadShot_220pxW_HighQualityBioEnergetic adjustments to release the stress on your BioEnergetic System.  When your body regains its missing energy, it simply heals itself!  Come visit The Willow Tree to receive your free Energy System Assessment.


Nurturing Your Inner Garden, Roxana Roshon Ph.D

Toxicologist by Training. Healer by Passion and Choice.tlg 2x3 Roxana Roshon

After personally experiencing the healing power of alternative medicine, I trained in holistic energy healing (BOS, TBM, Therapeutic Touch, Craniosacral Therapy), with a focus on indigenous healing techniques (Mexica / Toltec). I work with sensitive individuals who are feeling disconnected from themselves, others, and nature. I facilitate change in people who are experiencing physical, mental, and / or emotional health challenges. This is accomplished by clearing the energetic patterns blocking their well-being.

With my Ph.D. in Toxicology, I bridge the gap between Western medicine and complementary therapies. By combining Live Blood Analysis with Holistic Energy Healing, we have preliminary evidence that holistic energy healing induces rapid improvements in clients’ blood.


The 9th Vibration

The 9th Vibration is a store that offers a unique offering of Crystals, Singing Bowls, 1922277_1418889341696694_41118628_nTingshaw’s, Statues and more!


The Stone Canvas

Though nothing is permanent, stone comes close. It may not last forever, but it will 322769_290660687716221_548648424_o definitely last your lifetime and many more. It gives me great pleasure to create a carved stone for you that reflects your beliefs or interests with the enduring quality of stone.



Karen Murray Wellness

Karen Murray Wellness is an integrative wellness service for those seeking to improve their 10367677_1605840523028114_7129723970073017917_n current state of health and quality of life. It offers a holistic approach, addressing both physical and emotional aspects of well being.


Ali Farahani DDS

We are proud to be one of a handful of dental offices in the entire Province of Ontario that AFD
is dedicated exclusively to comprehensive adult dentistry. We find long-lasting solutions by looking at the ENTIRE picture of mouth and body health. Dr. Farahani and his team take training all over North America to bring the very best oral care to our patients.

We are proud to be Canada’s first, published eco-friendly dental office. After eight months of research with University of Waterloo, we published Canada’s first outline of how to create an eco-friendly dental office for dentists to use as a blueprint. Our green dental clinic has air that has no chemical smell – it is clean of toxins. The office is sustainable, which protects the air, water and landfills. Dr. Farahani is also currently serving as the Canadian President of Eco-Dental Association. http://www.ecodentistry.org

* We are Holistic:* Our dental care philosophy is the opposite of patch and fill dentistry. To restore your health and wellness, we use the best available science and technology, combined with our holistic, natural, long-term- approach to restore dental and overall health.

* We only treat adults:* Our typical patient is someone who has been through a lot of dentistry in their life and feels like their passed dental life doesn’t match their current life philosophy. If you are an adult who is not happy with their passed dental results, and would like to get on the path to a healthier mouth with more to smile about, contact us for more information.

*We are technologically advanced:* Dr. Farahani and his team take world-class dental training to bring 21st century dentistry to our patients. They use up-to-date techniques and technology – for example: Dental Lasers (instead of scalpels), CT scans, computer bite analysis, neuromuscular dentistry, science-based protection against mercury (during the removal of mercury ‘silver/amalgam’ dental fillings), digital microscopes (to scan mouth bacteria), thermography and digital x-rays among others.

*Why go to all these extremes?* Our patients have been through a lot of past dental treatment, often with disappointing results, and it is our pleasure to listen to them, understand what is important to them and put them in a position to  make informed choices about getting the best oral health they can get. Why? Because you cannot deliver complex, comprehensive, dental care without using the best most advanced technology available.




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