Speakers, Practitioners & Exhibitors (March 2018)


Colleen Lowe, Enfleurage Organics 

During a 2 year struggle to overcome the issues following colon cancer surgery, Colleen Lowe decided when strong enough, she was going to recreate her body care line to Organic. Enfleurage Organics is now Certified Organic as well as USDA Certified.  Colleen’s passionate about feeding you organically from the outside in and cleaning up our world through cleaner water with fewer chemicals going down your drain!!

To learn more about Colleen, visit her website.

Ancient Gene Technologies, The F.I.X Code

Experience this Ancient Ascension Tool, called the F.I.X. Code. Eliminate the static that can block your journey. Learn to do this for those you love, for yourself, in your practice. No tools, no gadgets, not talk therapy.

To learn more about Ancient Gene Technologies, visit their website.


Lavender Lane

Christine Gosse and Lorraine Cuthbertson are Usui Reiki Masters/Teachers who started Lavender Lane & Release through Reiki to bring holistic wellness and education to others. Reiki is a powerful form of energy healing which assists an individual in improving every aspect of life ~ mind, body and spirit.

We offer multiple services including Reiki, chakra balancing, and crystal healing treatments, as well as Reiki training. We also offer a line of aromatherapy products using various essential oils (including Lavender, of course). Fall of 2017 will see us in a new permanent location with extended services, including physiotherapy.

To learn more about Lavender Lane, visit their website.

Avril Marchegiano, Avril The Indigo 

*Avril is a Holistic Energy Practitioner for animals of all species,
breeds, shapes and sizes. She uses a variety of energy modalities, including Animal Communication, to bring balance to a pet’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. She enjoys helping humans understand their animals… and helping animals understand their humans!*

To learn more about Avril, visit her website.

Lisa Anguish, Leap Of Faith 

I’m an emphatic intuitive healer/teacher and spiritual life coach. My strength is connecting people in a deeper way with their Divine Template and clearing old patterns, feelings and ways of being that no longer serve their Highest Self and soul’s journey in a loving way.



To be announced…