Speakers, Practitioners & Exhibitors (March 2018)


Colleen Lowe, Enfleurage Organics 

During a 2 year struggle to overcome the issues following colon cancer surgery, Colleen Lowe decided when strong enough, she was going to recreate her body care line to Organic. Enfleurage Organics is now Certified Organic as well as USDA Certified.  Colleen’s passionate about feeding you organically from the outside in and cleaning up our world through cleaner water with fewer chemicals going down your drain!!

To learn more about Colleen, visit her website.

Ancient Gene Technologies, The F.I.X Code

Experience this Ancient Ascension Tool, called the F.I.X. Code. Eliminate the static that can block your journey. Learn to do this for those you love, for yourself, in your practice. No tools, no gadgets, not talk therapy.

To learn more about Ancient Gene Technologies, visit their website.


Lavender Lane

Christine Gosse and Lorraine Cuthbertson are Usui Reiki Masters/Teachers who started Lavender Lane & Release through Reiki to bring holistic wellness and education to others. Reiki is a powerful form of energy healing which assists an individual in improving every aspect of life ~ mind, body and spirit.

We offer multiple services including Reiki, chakra balancing, and crystal healing treatments, as well as Reiki training. We also offer a line of aromatherapy products using various essential oils (including Lavender, of course). Fall of 2017 will see us in a new permanent location with extended services, including physiotherapy.

To learn more about Lavender Lane, visit their website.

Avril Marchegiano, Avril The Indigo 

*Avril is a Holistic Energy Practitioner for animals of all species,
breeds, shapes and sizes. She uses a variety of energy modalities, including Animal Communication, to bring balance to a pet’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. She enjoys helping humans understand their animals… and helping animals understand their humans!*

To learn more about Avril, visit her website.

Lisa Anguish, Leap Of Faith 

I’m an emphatic intuitive healer/teacher and spiritual life coach. My strength is connecting people in a deeper way with their Divine Template and clearing old patterns, feelings and ways of being that no longer serve their Highest Self and soul’s journey in a loving way.

Juliana Leamen, Naturally Joyous 

Juliana is a women’s health nutritionist, the creator of Naturally Joyous and a activator of people’s hearts. Through the S.H.E system, she will help you improve your sleep, balance your hormones, and feel more energized, so you can shine your divine light and joyously thrive in this busy world. She offers in-person and online consultations, online programs and lovingly designs high vibrational meditation malas and aromatherapy jewelry.


To learn more about Juliana, visit her website.

Elin Gwyn, Nematona Healing Connections 

The Mexihca of Mexico people understood the movements of the cosmos and used it to create the Aztec Calendar. With this knowledge it is possible to create an Aztec Birthchart.  The chart will discover the energy of your birthday and provide insights of your talents and challenges to help you achieve the best possible future through knowing your cosmic identity and responsibility.   Sign up for a 30 minute session (investment:  $35) and gain insights into your Aztec Birthchart.

Elin Gwyn will be offering this service.  She is a holistic energy practitioner who works with clients to support their physical and mental well-being through the use of holistic energy techniques including working with Aztec Birthcharts to gain insights on challenges and talents.

To learn more about Elin, visit her website.

Roxana Roshon, Nurturing Your Inner Garden 

Toxicologist by Training. Healer by Passion and Choice.

After personally experiencing the healing power of alternative medicine, I trained in holistic energy healing (BOS, TBM, Therapeutic Touch, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki), with an emphasis on indigenous healing techniques (Mexica / Toltec). My focus is on sensitive individuals who are feeling disconnected from themselves, others, and nature. Change is facilitated in people who are experiencing physical, mental, and / or emotional health challenges. This is accomplished by clearing the energetic and spiritual patterns blocking their well-being. I also offer workshops in Lucid Dreaming, Mexica Healing Techniques and Nurturing Your Intuition.

With my Ph.D. in Toxicology, I bridge the gap between Western medicine and complementary therapies. I recently wrote a chapter on Energy Medicine for a textbook on “Holistic Healing: Theories, Research and Practices”. My healing practice is in Orchard Park Office Centre on the serene Ignatius Jesuit property (5420 Hwy 6 North Guelph, ON N1H 6J2). I look forward to working with you there.

To learn more about Roxana, visit her website.

Janice Moffat, Holy Crow Connections 

Janice Moffat is a Psychic Medium from Guelph who connects to those in spirit to bring messages that often begin healing, give peace and often bring laughter and not just tears. Confirmation that they are near. Her company is Holy Crow Connections and through her work messages are giving either one on one or in group settings. Mini readings will be available at the show, pre-booking is available though the website or Facebook page.

To learn more about Janice, visit her website.


Irene O’Toole, PCR Solutions-EcoEgg Solutions 

We are selling products that help people eliminate chemicals from all of their laundry processes. Not only does eliminating the chemicals from our laundry help us save the environment, but it also allows us to eliminate the harmful chemicals from our clothes, and of course our bodies.

To learn more about Irene, visit her website.




To be announced…