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Immune Support

Hello Friends,

I just wanted to share some supplements and superfoods with you that I use to keep my immune system strong and optimal:

Vitamin C
Nano Colloidal Silver

I eat lots of greens, spinach is my favourite and perfect to put in a smoothie, and I take a greens powder.

I also burn Frankincense resin which acts as an anti-viral as well as enhances your immune system. It smells pretty incredible on top of it’s many benefits.


Love Joy Truth Harmony


May I see Each Difficult Condition

May I see each difficult condition as a precious teacher and opportunity for transformation. A powerful Buddhist affirmation shared by my mind training teacher, Ken Hood, in Markedly Documentary. If something comes up in our lives that we aren’t expecting and is challenging, we can recognize that there is a greater lesson within this experience, and respond in a positive way, looking at it as an opportunity to transform ourselves in some capacity.


Love Joy Truth Harmony


Join us for our 2019 Transformational Wellness Show. April 13, 2019 , Delta Guelph – 10 Am – 5 PM. 

TWS 2019

Would you like to experience an event that could positively shift your life? Join us Saturday April 13, 2019 for our Transformational Wellness Show. Delta Guelph Hotel And  Conference Centre, Royal City Ballroom.  50 Stone Road West, N1G 0A9, Guelph, On. 10 AM – 5 PM.

Our Transformational Events are aimed at providing a venue for people to come and  experience spiritual, emotional and physical healing opportunities. We hope that by attending an event it may assist a person in unlocking their inner potential and help them realize their true power within. 


  • Holistic practitioners/exhibitors   
  • Inspiring guest speakers
  • Markedly Documentary Screening

$10 admission For advanced tickets please click here.

Tickets will also be available at the door the day of the event.

We will have updated information as the event gets closer. Be part of the Inspiring Conscious Beginnings movement.

TWS Schedule 

11 AM – Markedly Documentary Screening – Healing Terminal Cancer – Against All Odds

12 PM – Q&A With Mark Auger – An open discussion about Markedly and healing cancer

1 PM – Allen Kanerva – Inspired Outcomes – Learn more about NLP Coaching and Training, which specializes in Trauma Recovery.

2 PM – Lorman Ip – The Sacremyst Academy – Get clearer insight into your true self, and your higher purpose through the ancient teachings of Hermetics.

TWS Holistic Practitioners/Exhibitors 2019

  • Christine Gosse – Lavender Lane Wellness Centre –
  • Karen Nogiec – VoxxLife –
  • Suzanne Forster – Suzanne Forster Health Coach –
  • Nancy Radcliffe – Body Of Health Inc. –
  • Tara and Allen Kanerva – Inspired Outcomes –
  • Natasha Zwanck – Sirius: Ascended Masters’ Messages –
  • Lorman Ip – Sacremyst Academy –
  • Russell Scott – Awaken The Guru In You –
  • Lynn Baribault – Clearing Paths –
  • Sharon Vettoretto – Intuitively Yours Healing Arts
  • Maria Clavel – The Essene Tradition 
  • Helen Kocsis – Young Living Essential Oils –
  • Jess Taylor-Huber – DANU Wellness Co. Inc. –
  • Amber Fancey – DoTERRA Essential Oils –
  • Colleen Lowe – Enfeurage Organics –
  • Bojana Dusevic – Divine Remedy Healing –
  • Dr. Alyssa Shepherd –
  • Lindsay Knight – The 9th Vibration –
  • Dr. Jim Fox – Speedvale Dental Centre –
  • Emily Green-Tracewicz – Backyard Seed Savers –
  • Val Becking Reflexology
  • Sonal Raje – Blue Amber Arts –
  • Sandy Kimpel – Kangen Water by Enagic –
  • Jacqueline Bowman  PhD, MMsc –
  • Jessica Short – Willow-Ray Healing –
  • Gina Anderson – Gina’s Gemstones 
  • Peggy Kelly-Davies – The Hypnosis Connection And Training Centre –
  • Roxana Roshon – Nurturing Your Inner Garden –
  • Patricia Wilson – Guelph Wilson Health Services –
  • Juliana Leamen – Naturally Joyous –
  • Marlene Bone – Bach Flowers –
  • Sarah Seth – Revera –
  • Priya Ali – Energi –
  • Mena Canonico – Liberty Lane –
  • Natalia Brajak – Studio Shibui –
  • Mark Auger – Inspiring Conscious Beginnings –


Love Joy Truth Harmony