A Medical Miracle article by Jenn Szabo

Mark Auger recently appeared in an article by his high school friend, Jennifer Szabo. The article appears on page 40 of The North Shuswap Kicker and on Jenn’s blog.

Doctors Called Him a Medical Miracle. Here’s How Mark Auger Beat Terminal Cancer.

When I heard the news that my high school friend Mark Auger beat inoperable terminal cancer at age 32, I had to find out how. I interviewed Mark, and discovered that he was given a prognosis of 0% chance of ever being cancer free. Mark wasn’t ready to give up though and alongside his traditional treatment (which was estimated to be under 40% effective, if at all) there were 4 other key complimentary components that he believes led him to total mind, body and spirit wellness.
Read full article on Jenn’s blog here.

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