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Welcome to Inspiring Conscious Beginnings

Creating Positive Change

In 2011, Mark Auger was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Against all odds, he overcame the illness.

After such a life changing experience, Mark realized his purpose in life is to give back to others and, in 2013, he founded Inspiring Conscious Beginnings to share his story and to inspire others to believe they too have the power within them to heal themselves.

As Mark shifted his focus towards helping children in need and at-risk youth, ICB quickly evolved and, later that year, became a registered not-for-profit community organization, now known as Inspiring Conscious Beginnings Humanitarian Services.

Once ICB was established, it evolved further and began hosting Transformational Events. These events are aimed at providing a venue for people to come and experience spiritual, emotional and physical healing opportunities.

ICB Is focused on Creating Positive Change and we do this through:

Community Collaboration
Transformational Events
Inspirational Messages
Spiritual Awakenings

Mentoring Sessions

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and you are looking for some assistance to help guide you in the right direction to heal, learn more about Mark Auger’s Mentoring Sessions.


Join us for our upcoming
Transformational Wellness Show.

Markedly: A Healing Journey

Watch Markedly: A documentary about Mark Auger’s cancer story and healing journey.